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Predicting the Future

When will I die? Itís a question that everyone asks from time to time. If you could learn the exact day it would be, would you want to know? Apparently many people would, though Iím sure theyíd usually prefer to be told that the day isnít going to arrive soon. Itís recently been announced that an online test can predict with good accuracy whether someone will die within the next five years. All you need to do is answer a series of questions Ė eleven for women, thirteen for men Ė before a computer crunches the data and returns your chances. The test has attracted a lot of interested people. The inventors of the test say that it is 80% accurate, which is far from perfect but is a lot better than tossing a coin. Some of the big risks for dying early are obvious: smoking, bad diet and lack of exercise, for example. But even those things arenít always dangerous. Some people seem to be able to do what they like with their bodies and still live to a ripe old age. As medicine learns more about the human body and the differences between individuals, it will get better able to say what is good for us and what is bad. Thatís why blanket advice is often misleading. What may be good for one personís health may be bad for someone elseís. Life expectancy is rising all the time, but we have to think about quality of life, not just quantity. Some people like taking risks, others like to live quietly. Itís all about choice and personal preferences. One thing is certain, all the same: however you want to spend your life, you will pass away one day. We can plan for our future lives to some extent, but uncertainty will always remain, because life is an uncertain business. The only sure thing about it is that it will come to an end. And thatís where you can plan with confidence: for what happens to you after you pass away. A funeral plan is a way of making a decision with plenty of time to spare. Thereís no rush, no hassle: you can calmly think about what you want to happen when you pass away. What kind of funeral do you want? A traditional religious service or something different? What kind of music do you want at your funeral? Would you prefer to be buried or cremated? And so on. We donít know exactly when we will die, but we do know that it will certainly happen. A funeral plan allows us to face that certainty and control it. Finance is, of course, a big consideration, particularly in difficult economic times. A funeral plan is an excellent way to reduce costs, so you have more money to spend during life, rather than spending it when your life is over. And if you have any questions or special requirements, itís simple to discuss them with an experienced funeral director and make sure that the funeral plan you choose is exactly right for you and your family. Online mortality tests will get more accurate and medicine will help us lead longer and healthier lives, but we all still have to face the certainty of passing away one day. Planning now for that future certainty is a good way of coming to terms with it. Peace of mind is not always easy to find in a fast-changing world, but funeral plans are a guaranteed way to achieve it. Online Test: https:/uk.news.yahoo.com/test-claims-predict-likelihood-death-021030430.html