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It’s the book no-one wants to read, but everyone should.

One Day has been written by experts at Safe Hands to offer practical guidance and support for those faced with a death in the family. It takes the reader step by step through the first week after a death from the discovery of the body through to making the funeral arrangements and reading the will.

The book is full of useful information on all the paperwork involved and who to call for help during this time of grief. It Is sensitively written, but in a straightforward and practical style.

One Day starts by explaining the very first things to do when you discover the death whether at home or in hospital. It goes on to explain how to register a death, how to obtain a death certificate and how to arrange the funeral.

Throughout the book, the author stressed the importance of looking after yourself during this difficult time.

“It’s good to talk.  It’s hard, but it is good.  Talk to your friends and family as soon as you can about how you’re feeling – as well as what you’re doing.

Let your employer know that you’re handling the arrangements for someone who has died.

And, if you have access to a bereavement support team through life insurance or a funeral plan provider, do take advantage of their services. They’re there to help.”

Tom Gormanly, CEO of Safe Hands, describes One Day as essential reading for anyone dealing with a death on the family for the first time.

“It’s not a happy read but will shine a light on some of the mysteries surrounding death.”

He recommends a quick initial read, then putting it away until the time comes- which is hopefully some way off.

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